POV - persistence of vision

The effect that allows pixel modules and other juggling tools known as "visual poi", "pixel stick", "graphic poi" or "Persistence of vision poi" to exist works on the same principle - rapid movement of fast-blinking lights /mostly RGB LED/ in the front of the eyes of the observer.  The effect is know as "persistence of vision".


"A class of display device described as "POV" is one that composes an image by displaying one spatial portion at a time in rapid succession (for example, one column of pixels every few milliseconds). A 2 dimensional POV display is often accomplished by means of rapidly moving a single row of LED diodes along a linear or circular path. The effect is that the image is perceived as a whole by the viewer as long as the entire path is completed during the visual persistence time of the human eye. A further effect is often to give the illusion of the image floating in mid-air. A 3 dimensional POV display is often constructed using a 2D grid of LEDs which is swept or rotated through a volume. POV display devices can be used in combination with long camera exposures to produce light writing."*

*/source: wikipedia/


POV Persistence of vision poi or stick



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