Pixel Module - Persistence of Vision Poi / Stick

Pixel module - electronic programmable led poi and stick in one -  product line of visual, high-tech juggling props based on the persistence of vison principle that allows to "paint" pictures, custom graphic, text or logos in the air in a way that audience can perceive. It is the same principle used by similar devices known under names such as picture poi , visual poi, pixel stick and so on.

Now there are 128 and 64 pixel versions avaiable, compact 32 pixel coming soon.

Pixel modules are very flexible - they can be used as a poi, meteor or can be attached to a stick or even a hoop! For example, with 2 pairs of 32 pixel module, you can get 2 pairs of poi, 2 sticks or 1 hoop!

The devices are very bright - you do not have to be afraid of perfoming at any venue - it works even in the day light!

pixel module on poi and stick

ixel poi and pixel stick - pixelmodule modular system

80 pixel module pair

80 pixel module pair

64 pixel module pair:

64 pixel module pair

32 pixel module pair:

32 pixel module pair


The modules are lightweight - 145g for 32 pixel and 195 for 64 pixel. All devices run on built-in rechargeable protected lithium-ion batteries.

Due to huge memory onto each module, you can upload practically unlimited number of pictures. The pictures compose programs /each of them can run for unlimited time/. You can upload as many programs you want! Then you can change among the with a simple press of a button.


pixel module features


With provided sofware you can import *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif or *.tif images and sort them into desired sequence that is called "program". You can easily sequence the images to the music with a sound import feature!,

There is no limit in the lenght of the image, it can be 10 000 pixels or more - that way you can do color fades and developing patterns which is practically impossible with any other product on the market - due to lack of memory or the image width restrictions to 240 pixels.

Due to vast memory inside each LighTriX Pixelmodule, the lenght of the program is practically unlimited. It is easy to compose a program for each choreography that can last even few hours. You can store unlimited  number of programs that can be recalled with a simple press of the dedicated button.


lightrix editor sound import


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