64 pixel module V2

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universal pixel module

Kód: pixel module 32
Výrobce: LighTriX
Cena: 600,- EUR s DPH


64 pixel module pair

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128 RGB LED per module -  64 pixels per module - special wide angle dome LEDs are placed on both sides of the pcb to allow 360 degrees viewing angle

256 MB onboard memory

optional 2,4 GHz wireless remote to start, stop and switch sequences

fully programmable - LighTrix Composer software to import bmp, jpg, gif  pictures

you can import *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif or *.tif images and sort them into desired sequence to match your choreography or music.

USB port to transfer data and charge battery

button to change the sequence on each module

800 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery

AC 100-250V charger included

durable polycarbonate body

lenght 37 cm , diameter 2,5 cm

weight 150g

Shorter size means that this module can be used as o poi or a stick  with no limits


64 pixel modules with remote

64 pixel modules with remote


USB charging

64 pixel module charging


64pixel module V2 on poi:

64 pixel module on poi


64 pixel module on poi flowers


64pixel module V2 on stick:

64 pixel module on stick


64 pixel module stick



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